Our Services

Education Consulting and School Admissions

In today’s global marketplace, education is a priceless commodity. The rapidly changing economy has made the modern job search a highly competitive process. Choosing the right education has crucial repercussions on your future, and Grand Pacific Consulting is here to assist you with this challenging decision. We have partnered with top educational institutions in Canada, the USA, Europe and around the globe to help you find the high school, college or university that fits your career goals.  Our experienced advisors will help you:

  • Set your career goals and identify the programs and schools that meet your goals
  • Prepare and submit your application documents including letters of intent/personal statements and portfolios
  • Obtain any visas or work permits you require
  • Get familiar with local customs and environment through our pre-departure training

We will assist you to get accepted into the school of your choice.


Immigration Services

Our licenced and experienced Immigration Consultants will present you with all your options so that you can make an informed decision on what the best route is for you to immigrate to Canada.  These options include:

  • Sponsorship
  • Skilled Worker
  • Investor
  • Business
  • and more….


Visa Application

Whether you want to visit Canada as a Visitor or apply for a Study Permit or Work Visa, we can help. As with the immigration option, there are many ways we can help you. Consult with an advisor today to find out what option best fits your goals.


Work Experience Programs

Gaining work experience, during or after graduation, is difficult.  However, most employers require you to combine academics with real-world experience. We have partnered with institutions that offer work experience programs like practicums, internships or Co-ops so that you can gain Canadian work experience to boost your resume or CV and strengthen your immigration chances.


Settlement and Post Graduation Services

Once you arrive at your country of choice, whether you want to study or live there, we can offer you settlement services such as:

  • Getting a Social Insurance Number or and other IDs
  • Registering for Health Care Services
  • Finding accommodation or a host family
  • Air port pick-up
  • and more….

Our experienced employment counsellors can help you prepare a professional resume and cover letter so you can market yourself in a competitive job market.


Partner with us

Are you an institution who is looking for local or national representation in Canada?

We can assist you to develop and implement a marketing plan and build strategic partnerships to expand your brand, increase your profile and grow enrolment. Find out more about our unique business approach by contacting our partnership department.