Study and Work

Work and Study

Many institutions offer a Work and Study program. These are a great opportunity for anyone looking for supplemental income while attending school. A flexible schedule is created for students who need to work while they study. Grand Pacific Consultants can aid you in locating schools that offer such programs.

Why work while studying?

1 You will gain work experience while you are studying

2 You will develop numbers of transferable skills

3 You will have income and do not need to be worried about your tuition

4 It is easier for you to find a job after you graduate

It is an opportunity to gain network with professionals in your field

Your Options

It is relatively hard for students to study in colleges or universities and to do full-time work, but there are some other options for you to choose. We listed some popular options below for your reference. Grand Pacific Consulting always cares about your future and we are here to help you locating schools that offer such programs.

  • Co-op Programs

    Co-operative education programs (Co-op) are a bridge provided by schools between students and employers. Students will have paid work terms (usually 1-3 terms) in the positions related to their fields of study. This is not only a way to earn financial aid to cover tuition fees, but also a great method to gain professional experience and transferable skills before students actually work in the industries.


  • Internships

    Internships is another great way for students to gain valuable working experience before they graduate. These positions may be paid or unpaid and are usually temporary. But no matter what, they are invaluable opportunities of free training and professional experience.

  • Online Courses

    Nowadays, because of the modern online technologies, online schools and courses are more and more popular. Distance and online learning will help you to save amounts of time and money. There are various programs and courses for you to choose and the learning environment can be very comfortable. You even can study at home!

  • Part-time Programs

    Part-time study is another efficient way to balance study and work and to raise and update the skills of the existing workforce. While you are studying, you can still work for your employer as a part-time or full-time employee, because recently there are lots of part-time programs only holding classes in evening or night time.

  • Work Permit and Others

    International students sometimes need to apply for work permit and other documents to be able to work while they are studying. For example, in order for international students to be eligible for the work and study program in Canada, they must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). Grand Pacific Consulting will help you understand where and how you will obtain your SIN.

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