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Public or Private High School?

In Canada there are not many differences between public and private high schools in terms of the quality of education. There are great public schools and great private ones too. Below are some differences:

Public Schools in Canada
Publicly-funded schools are managed at the local level by elected school boards. The public school curriculum is et by the provincial government.  Almost all public schools are co-educational (boys and girls mixed) and offer day programs only. Many school boards offer secular or non-religious education while others have religious affiliations. However, this varies from province to province.

Private Schools in Canada
All private schools must be registered with the Ministry of Education in their province or territory, and must meet the curriculum and other standards set by their respective ministries. Families can choose schools that are boys-only, girls-only or co-educational. Some private schools offer full boarding programs, others are day schools, and many offer both. Many private schools adhere to a particular religious faith or emphasize particular moral teachings. Many private schools will require a school uniform.


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What is Homestay?

You stay in a Canadian home, you have your own room, you live as a member of the family, sharing meals and with access to laundry facilities, telephone, television and internet, if available. This is the best way to immerse yourself in the Canadian culture and improve your language skills even faster. We have worked with many homestay families in the past and can arrange one for you.

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