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Grand Pacific Consulting will tailor-make a trip that takes into account your needs and desires to make your study trip an experience you will never forget. We will help you with the entire process, from finding a first-class language school to pre-departure preparation to settling you in your new chosen home away from home. Please see HOW WE CAN HELP for more information.

Language Programs

Language Programs give students a chance to learn a language while being simultaneously immersed in the local culture.

It’s difficult to learn a language in a classroom setting. Languages are alive and electric. There is magic you cannot grasp through just words and paper. Forget textbooks, forget recorded conversations that you will never be able to replicate on your own. Practice your Ni Hao as you peruse a bustling Chinese market, learn the difference between the imperative and the subjunctive as you buy your morning pain a chocolate at your local patisserie in France, perfect your use of the word “dude” as you chat with a Californian surfer. Understand their culture; understand too that language is just a love letter between culture and communication.

Or perfect your English and test your English proficiency if you are planning to study in U.S.A for example. The most common English Proficiency Exams are (Universities usually ask for TOEFL scores):


The Test of English as a Foreign Language


The International English Language Testing System


    The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is one of the longest existing testing programs administered now by Educational Testing Service. It is designed to test the student’s ability and knowledge of the English language. It is also an admission requirement for many colleges and universities in North America. It tests reading, listening, speaking, and writing and comes in two different test forms: Internet-based Test and Paper-based Test using the scaling score from 0 to 120. The TOEFL score is only valid for two years, after which it expires and students will have to take it again. Tests can be taken at different locations around the world with more than 50 times a year, so inquire with GP and we will help you set up a test today.


    The International English Language Testing System is one of the world’s proven English language tests recognized by thousands of organizations worldwide. IELTS scores listening, reading, writing, and speaking on a nine-band scale, which then identifies the test-taker’s level of English. There is no minimum score to pass the test, but many institutes have different minimum requirements for admission. Tests can be taken in different locations and up to 48 tests a year, inquire with GP about more information on how to register to take your test.

Summer Programs

If you are looking to get the most out of your summer break, a summer program is a great option. Based on your schedule and other summer plans, we can arrange a trip ranging from one to eight weeks in length.

Depending on your interests, Grand Pacific offers purely recreational trips, where you will tour the city you are staying in and do a variety of fun activities such as visiting local attractions and shopping. We also offer trips with a language component, where you would spend the morning studying the language of your choice in a relaxed classroom setting, with the afternoons and evenings devoted to various activities and longer trips on the weekends.

Summer programs are a great way to experience first hand the local culture of a new place that you have been curious about, to brush up on a foreign language and to make connections with your peers in another country.

Vocational Programs

Short-term vocational programs are the most efficient way to help you to get a job or scaffold you to a new level in your career.

Despite the intense competition in the international job market, some specific types of jobs are extremely lacking qualified candidates. These include traditional industries like health, tourism, hospitality and early childhood education, as well as newly-risen industries ranging from computer engineering, filmmaking to graphic and fashion design.

If you want to be among the top of the industry, hard work is far from enough. You need to learn the right skills and meet the right people in the right place. For example, if you want to become a manager of a 5-star hotel, you need knowledge and experience in hotel management and also an interpersonal network that would help you to get there.

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