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The elementary school years are a vital period in a child’s development. Grand Pacific advisors are dedicated to helping parents make sure that they find the best schooling options for their children.

Age and Grades

In Canada, elementary school starts when a child is 5 or 6 (grade 1) and finishes at age 12 or 13 (grade 7). Typically, there is no middle school, children proceed directly to High School (grade 8-12).

School Year/Week

The elementary school year usually begins at the end of August or early September and finishes toward the end of June. Children go to school from Monday to Friday during the school year (except during holidays).


The elementary school curriculum varies with the organisation and educational aims of individual schools and local communities. Elementary schools provide instruction in the fundamental skills of reading, writing and maths, as well as history, geography, crafts, music, science, art, and physical education (phys ed. or gym). French and ‘foreign’ languages, which used to be taught only at high schools, are now introduced during the last few years of elementary school in some areas.

Private/Public Schools

Parents can choose to send their children to public schools or private schools. In many areas, parents can also choose between English and French school options.

Find out more about the differences between public and private schools here.

School Districts

School districts (sometimes called school boards, school divisions or district education councils) manage the schools within a certain local area.

Parents of international students can choose which school district they want to send their children to.  Things to consider are: Size of the school (small and intimate or large and diverse), location of the school (rural area or city).

Program Options

Grand Pacific advisors will help you find an elementary school based on your preferences. Select from the following standard program options:

1. School District (location of the school)

2. Private or Public School

3. Class sizes (number of students)

4. French or English language curriculum

Complete our Education Enquiry Form and we will contact you to discuss the options above.


Program Eligibility

Typically, the student must be between the ages of 5 or 6 and 11 or 12. Contact us if you have any questions about eligibility.

Program Duration

Most of our students attend elementary school from grade 1 to 6 but shorter programs (1 semester or 1 year) are also available. Contact our advisors to discuss program duration options.


Partner Elementary Schools

Below is a sample of the elementary schools we partner with. The list is not exhaustive and subject to change. Talk to us for the most up-to-date list and if you have a school in mind that is not on our list.

List: coming soon!


Typical cost: Coming Soon!


Accommodation Options

Because of the young age of elementary school students we recommend that the parents or caregivers accompany students and arrange their own accommodations.


Grand Pacific will help you arrange visas for students and their parents.  Please see our visa page for more information.

Next Steps

Complete our Education Enquiry Form or Contact us for a FREE consultation to find a Canadian Elementary school that meets both the parents’ and students’ needs.


For more information on our partner elementary schools, please read our BLOG.